Robert Ketch

An interview with Robert Ketch, MSW, as he discusses his work with children and families, the importance of bringing management into social work education, and the challenges the current generation of social workers will face.

Interviewed by Esther Gillies. Date of interview: 8-28-14. Interview length 52 minutes.

Interview Topics

(00:58) Introduction into the Field - Mother’s career. (2:08) Career Beginnings .  (02:13) Child Welfare Stipend in Iowa.  (03:23) Head Start and other Progressive Programs.  (04:00) Shift in Career to Therapy. (05:35) Infancy Stages of Child Abuse & Neglect Policy. (07:51) How Orphanages Were Used as Drop off Centers.  (08:08) Evolution of Child Care. (09:39) Early Work with Families and Children.  (10:09) Focus on Prevention. (11:00) Move to California- Five Acres. (12:40) Effects of Prop 13. (13:55) Becoming Family Resource Center-Intensification of Intervention and Staff. (16:00) Family Preservation Program.  (17:08) New Challenges.  (18:00) Making it Work through Creativity . (19:44) Work in Northeast Los Angeles: Models Used. (20:55) Importance of Program Evaluation & Research. (22:33) Multiple Sources for Funding.  (22:45) 80’s Active Surge in Private Funding . (23:20) Career Transition . (25:22) Residential Wraparound .  (27:41) Description of Services. (30:08) Bringing the Families into the Interventions.  (30:38) Importance of Empathy with Parents.  (31:04) Tailored Made Interventions . (33:30) Social Workers in Schools. (34:41) Integration of Management into Social Work Education. (36:37) Public-Private Collaboration .  (39:00) Being Active in the Planning Process . (41:37) Collaboration with Grace Center. (43:48) Circle of Care Concept. (45:19) Challenges of the Times Now.  (46:00) Tensions and Burdens-Regulations.  (47:24) Knowing the Answers-Keeping Systems in Place. (49:00) Supporting Workers. (49:57) Closing Statements & Words of Wisdom