Richard O. Salgiver

An interview with Dr. Richard O. Salsgiver, MSW as he discusses his work for people with disabilities.
Interviewed by Virginia Rondero Hernandez, PhD. Date of interview: 10-8-15. Length of interview: 49 minutes.

Interview Topics

(0:30) – Introductions. (1:46) – Entrance into the field, Carnegie Melon, juvenile delinquents. (3:43)– Living and growing up with a disability. (4:16)– Political, social, economic climate of the 1970s. (5:55) – Integrating the disenfranchised in the psychiatric practice with children with emotional disabilities. (6:42)– Outside social climate moving to more conservative after the 1960s. (7:55)– University of Pittsburg MSW. (8:45)– Case work in San Francisco, CA at Golden Gate Regional Center. (10:30)– Stigma over the word “handicap”. (13:20)– Political realm of social work, administration. (14:35)– Center of Independent Living, Fresno CAF Independent Living. (15:16)– Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). (16:16)– Work with juvenile delinquents. (18:26)– Experience with oppression. (18:56)– Working with Ben Cuellar, Dean of Fresno State, in political battles. (20:45)– “Ridge runners” and talking about being the first in his family to get educated. (21:48)– How Salsgiver got into teaching. (23:46)– Models for treatment, case management, macro practice, making the department a reflection of the diversity of those being served. (24:46)– Disability as a diversity perspective rather than treatment for disabilities also in CSWE. (28:36) – Advice for future social workers and educators. (29:15)– Fundamentalist ministers in his classes and perspectives on LGBTQ community. (31:41)– Difficult times in his career, losing battles. (35:45)– Diversity put into practice, ethnic components of medical practice. (37:46)– “Guerilla” social work. (39:25) – Advice for social work educators. (43:15)– Micro vs. Macro social work. (45:01)– Context of central California, cultures of the central valley. (46:45)– Closing

Additional Materials