Rama Weizmann

Social worker, mentor, and Professor of Social Work.


Interview Summary

Interviewer:  Lynn Rosenfield, LCSW

Date: 08/29/2018

An interview with Rama Weizmann, LCSW, as she discusses the variety of social work positions she has held, developments made during the Golden Age of social work, and current struggles within the field.

Length of interview: 57 minutes


Interview Topics:

00:24 – Introduction and overview of career. 06:28 – Initial interest in social work. 10:32 – Experiences in social work school – prejudices and confronting authority. 15:46 – Opening a private practice in the 'Golden Age' of social work. 19:14 – Experimentation with unlocked psychiatric in-patient services at Santa Clara County Hospital. 26:45 – Programs’ constant battle with finance and politics. 29:29 – Starting the Society for Clinical Social Work and their advocacy for social workers. 32:09 – Advice for rising social workers. 34:20 – Experience with David Kuroda at County Hospital and the Children’s Hospital. 36:49 – Helping new social workers to advance their careers and opening closed doors in social work education. 40:37 – Temptation of money and status. 42:42 – Difficulty of changing old systems. 43:56 – Competitiveness among departments within an agency. 45:26 – Development of new programs within Jewish Family Service. 48:26 – Current issues to address in social work; desires and concerns for the future of the field.


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