Ralph Sachs

(1911-1995). M.D. Public health.

Interviewed by Frances Feldman. Date of interview: 4-27-88. 1 cassette tape (1 duplicate tape). Length of interview: 1 hour and 18 minutes. Transcript of interview: 26 pp. (1 copy rough draft of transcript). CD containing interview and transcript.

Interview Topics

Recruitment to LA's Commission on Public Health Care; polio immunization; lack of facilities and money for LA's Commission on Public Health Care; development of health center clinics; clients of clinics; combining of city and county health departments; work as executive officer in City Health Department; views on combining of city and county health departments; work after leaving City Health Dept.: nursing homes, Ford Foundation in India; work with University of Hawaii School of Public Health and Administration; work with world Health Organization; more on work in Hawaii; begins position as deputy of public health activities for Los Angeles County; problems in programs in LA public health programs; investigation into nursing homes; activities with elderly during his retirement; new program for elderly in LA County; work with Visiting Nurses Association and Health Foundation; contributions of a public health official to voluntary social agency; need for coordinating council for social welfare agencies.

Additional Materials

  • 1 diskette of transcript of interview.
  • 1 3x 5 in. photograph and 1 2 x 2 in. photograph of Ralph Sachs.
  • LA Times article re problem in County health care.
  • Curriculum Vitae.
  • Notes re interview.
  • Flyer advertising talk by Sachs on aging.

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