Oscar Reiss

M.D. F.A.A.P.

Oscar Reiss Interview #1. Interviewed by Jean Berlfein
Date of interview: 7-13-86. 1 cassette tape (1 duplicate tape). Length of interview: 1 hour and 31 minutes. No transcript. CD containing interview. 

Interview #2 Milton Goldberg: An Oral History Interview on Dr. Oscar Reiss. Interviewed by Jean Berlfein.
Date of interview: 7-13-86. No cassette tapes. Length of interview: undetermined. Transcripts of interview: 13 pp. 1 diskette of transcript of interview on Dr. Reiss.

Interview Topics
Milton Goldberg's role in Jewish Big Brothers and Dr. Oscar Reiss' assistance; Reiss' status as pediatrician; first meeting with Reiss; Reiss' work on and for board; development of professional staff; need for clinical social workers; creation of Parent-Child Guidance Service; involving fathers in treatment of children; clients' reasons for coming to services of Jewish Big Brothers; relationship between psychiatry and social workers; Reiss' key role in obtaining committee consultants; Camp Max Straus; relationship of Jewish Big Brothers to Reiss Davis Clinic; selling of Reis Davis Clinic; description of Los Angeles' Jewish community ca. 1945; personality of Dr. Oscar Reiss.

Additional Materials

  • Oscar Reiss: A Pioneer in the Field of Mental Health (Book).
  • Newspaper clippings.

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