Norris Class

(1906-1992). Professor,USC School of Social work. Social worker.

Interviewed by John Milner. Dates of interview: 4-9/11-81. 2 cassette tapes (2 duplicate tapes). Length of interview: 1 hour and 39 minutes. Transcript of interview: 28 pp. (1 copy of rough draft). CD containing interview and transcript. 

Interview Topics

4-9-81 interview: Beginning work at USC School of Social Work; early members of School; teaching and fieldwork duties; research for U.S. Children's Bureau on juvenile delinquency; Delinquency Control Institute; studies on juvenile delinquency legal system; social agencies in Los Angeles; staff evaluation projects and advisor's role to Probation Department; Child Welfare League of America; development of doctoral program at USC in social work; events of the 1960s at USC; years on faculty. 
4-11-81 interview: Entrance into social work; social work in Cleveland; director of Child Welfare Services for state of Oregon; development of Delinquency Control Institute; work with Probation Department; courses in delinquency; research for U.S. Children's Bureau on juvenile delinquency; interdepartmental committee on courses in police training; directors of DCI; work of DCI police classes in Hawaii; police classes in Arizona; USC faculty; impressions of impact of DCI classes on police. 

Additional Materials

  • California Social Work Hall of Distinction Biography
  • USC programs for Norris Class memorial service.
  • Invitation to USC memorial service for Norris Class.
  • Eulogy delivered for Norris Class at USC memorial service.
  • Curriculum Vitae.
  • Plate for award.
  • Photocopy of Roselle Kurland, "Great Teacher: Norris Class," Journal of Teaching in Social Work 12 (1995): 193-196.
  • Photocopies of two letters to editor from Norris Class and one column re Class from Topeka Capital-Journal. 
  • Biographical sheet of Norris Class, with curriculum vitae and biographical statement appended. 
  • 2 copies.Social Work Education Reporter, vol.18, no. 1 (March, 1970). 
  • Announcement of CSWE Distinguished Educator Award given to Norris Class. (Also photocopy of issue.)
  • Correspondence and letter of agreement re research endowment given by Norris Class (1989).
  • 1 cassette tape of eulogy given at Norris Class funeral service, Topeka, Kansas, 21 June 1992.
  • Norris Class memorial service brochure (Topeka, Kansas).
  • Correspondence, bibliography, photocopies of Norris' "Compilation of Papers" and "Selected Papers" publications (1990).1 diskette of transcript of interview.

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