Millie Lowrey

Interviewed by John Kulli. Date of interview: 9-14-99. No cassette tape. Length of interview: undetermined. Transcript of interview: 19 pp.

Interview Topics

PART A: Establishment of "LAMP" for mentally ill homeless men and women; LAMP as model for community-based support service; description of LAMP Drop-In-Center; focus on allowing homeless to consider and pursue long-range mental health needs; need for and development of in-house drug recovery program; development of transitional residences and small businesses; construction of LAMP village; overview of development of LAMP; efforts at neighborhood improvement; construction of new permanent housing; different LAMP businesses: Village Linen Service; Village Laundromat, shower facility, Village Market; Lamp Lodge (apartment complex); philosophy of LAMP; LAMP program for participants; policy on medication for program participants; other LAMP beliefs; staff at LAMP. 
PART B: Background of Mollie Lowrey, program director; more on history and philosophy of LAMP. 
PART C: Interviewer's comments on LAMP and Millie Lowrey

Additional Materials

  • 1 diskette of transcript of interview.

Download the transcript: 
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