Maurice Ostomel

(1911-1998). Social worker, gerontology.

Interviewed by John Milner. Date of interview: 10-30-88. 1 cassette tape (1 duplicate tape). Length of interview: 51 minutes. Transcript of interview: 40 pp. (1 copy rough draft of transcript). CD containing interview and transcript. 

Interview Topics

Entrance at USC into social work; public welfare experience with state of Washington; director of Rosemary Cottage, Pasadena, CA; International Institute of San Francisco; Fulbright stay in England; studies at University of Chicago; volunteer work in Oakland, CA; work with Children's Welfare of San Francisco Public Welfare; teaching of group work, UC Berkeley; work with war refugees and ethnic groups at International Institute; Fulbright stay in Hong Kong; Director of Traveler's Aid, San Francisco, CA.

Additional Materials

  • 1 diskette of transcript of interview.
  • Handwritten outline of interview, by John Milner.

Download the transcript: 
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