Marianne Pennekamp

An interview with Marianne Pennekamp, PhD, as she discusses her career in social work in which she utilized the "person-in-the-environment" perspective to encourages collaboration with other professionals and organizations to improve the lives of children and families.

Interviewed by Esther Gillies. Date of interview: 05-04-07. Length of Interview: 47 minutes. DVD containing Interview.

Interview Topics

(00:45) Introduction. (01:32) Beginnings in social work. (03:45) Arrival in the United States. (05:13) Wide variety of work in social work. (06:17) Job opportunities after graduation. (07:45) First job as case worker with Lincoln Child Center. (10:44) Experience with Oakland school district. (13:22) Stabilizing foster children in Oakland public schools. (18:21) Role of collaboration in social work. (20:40) Programs she helped develop. (26:45) The "useful next step". (29:44) Active student participation and the need to attend to "oral language". (35:55) Using skills developed earlier in her life . (38:30) Serving on community councils . (42:35) "Healthy Start" Program and the role she played . (47:04) Closing