Lou Ziskind

Social worker.

Lou Ziskind Interview #1. Interviewed by Marjorie Schwarz.

Date of interview: 8-11-93. Length of interview: undetermined. Transcript only: 39 pp. Scroll down for link to "Transcript 1."

Interview Topics

State Relief Agency; Big Brothers; Jewish Center of Personal Service; Gateways; building of new hospital; expansion of services to include mental health services: addiction, teenage problems.

Lou Ziskind Interview #2. Interviewed by Ed Hummel.

Date of interview: 5-14-97.
1 cassette tape (1 duplicate tape). Length of interview: 1 hour and 33 minutes. Transcript of interview: 97 pp. CD containing interview and transcript. Scroll down for link to "Transcipt 2."

Additional Materials

  • Note from Ed Hummel to Ruth Britton re interview.
  • California Social Welfare Archives Oral History Interview form, with notes by Marjorie Schwarz on interview.

Download the transcript: 
» Transcript 1
» Transcript 2