Lillian Hyatt

An interview with Lillian L. Hyatt, MSW, as she discusses a life of advocacy, her passion for justice related to the elderly, and her life as a retired social worker.

Interviewed by Esther Gillies. Date of interview: 5-5-07. Length of interview: 56 minutes. DVD containing interview.

Interview Topics

(00:50)- Social work beginnings. (12:12)- Passion for justice. (13:10)- Experience as a retired social worker at residential community living. (16:18)- CCRC (Continuing Care Residential Community). (20:35)- Improving CCRC living . (30:08)- Elderly care and lack of Dignity, Peace, and Respect. (36:46)- Involvement with American Association of Retired Persons (AARP). (39:15)- "Aging but not out of touch with the world". (45:34)- Role as a NASW CA news writer. (50:00)- Bill 489 (Elderly resident's rights). (55:03)- Closing

Additional Materials