Lester Breslow

(b. 1915). Professor of Public Health.

Interviewed by Frances Lomas Feldman. Date of interview: 6-20-90. Length of interview: 3 hours 48 minutes. 3 cassette tapes (3 duplicate tapes). Transcript of interview: 62 pp.

Interview Topics

Development of public health in California; work with California State Department of Public Health; personal role in politics of public health in California; work with voluntary health agencies; impact of Reagan's governorship on public health; UCLA School of Public Health; work as Dean of School of Public Health; Watts Riots and establishment of King Medical Center; long-time interest in cancer control; work in health promotion

Additional Materials

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • "Dr. Lester Breslow: Mr. Public Health," Los Angeles Times (13 October 1997), Section S, 1, 6.

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