Ken Nakamura

Ken Nakamura

Social Worker. Professor of Social Work.

Interview summary 

Interviewer: Pamela Brown

Date: 10/21/17

An interview with Ken Nakamura, MSW, PPSC as he discusses believing in the capacity of others, his successes at Humboldt State University, and dealing with the struggles of social work. Length of interview: 1 hour 48 minutes 9 seconds.

Interview Topics

(00:28)- Introduction. (01:06)- Beginnings in social work and influence of early life experience. (05:39)- Impactful events of 1968. (07:48)- Volunteering experiences at UC Berkeley. (13:53)- Confines of modern social work. (16:34)- Shortcomings of social services. (23:26)- Manifestation of values and principles. (28:22)- Combining education and collective experience in the classroom. (40:39)- Obstacles faced in achieving collaboration. (54:11)- Social issues in the 60s & 70s vs. today. (01:01:47)- Guiding principles for all – believing in the capacity of people. (01:09:43)- Personal successes. (01:15:22)- Being a ‘border worker’ in Humboldt. (01:19:22)- Successes in teaching. (01:22:31)- How to deal with the struggles of social work. (01:26:04)- Personal experience with fearing to persist. (01:32:40)- Finding emotional strength to combat fear. (01:39:30)- Sources of emotional support and inspiration.

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