Kathleen Kubota

Kathleen Kubota

Child welfare advocate, program trailblazer and social work training innovator.


Interview Summary

Interviewer:  Colleen Friend, LCSW, PhD

Date: 10/17/2018

An interview with 2018 Hall of Distinction inductee Kathleen Kubota, MSW as she discusses her career in the public sector, the importance of coalitions, and her role in legislative welfare reform. Length of interview: 55 minutes.


Interview Topics:

00:23 - Introduction and overview of career. 02:08 - Initial experience in social work. 05:56 - Development of career. 15:04 - Strategic advice for students entering the legislative arena. 16:53 - Reflection on welfare reform under the Clinton administration. 18:03 - Working at UCLA and personal inspirations. 23:17 - Challenges and negative experiences. 28:22 - Current involvements in retirement. 30:50 - Political and social changes. 34:15 - Taking career risks. 37:12 - Working in a male-dominated field. 38:56 - Japanese family values and education. 42:46 - Recommendation of Title IV-E. 45:15 - Difficult experiences as Director of Legislative Affairs. 47:36 - Security of being a public agency employee.


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