June Simmons

June Simmons

Innovator and leader in health promotion and health care delivery programs for seniors.


Interview Summary

Interviewer:  Monika White, PhD

Date: 11/14/2018

An interview with 2018 Hall of Distinction inductee June Simmons, MSW, as she discusses integrating social work and medical care, her positive attitude towards opposition, and the need for strong, inspiring voices. Length of interview: 55 minutes.


Interview Topics:

01:38 - Becoming a social worker. 02:28 - Social climate upon entering the field. 04:14 - Development of career. 11:21 - Personal strategies for achieving goals. 18:46 - Most challenging obstacles. 20:20 - Most satisfying career experiences. 24:17 - The growing impact of social work. 27:43 - Current social work issues. 32:45 - Advice for future social workers and hopes for the field's future.  


Additional Materials

California Social Work Hall of Distinction Biography

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