Josephine DiPaola

(1908-1995). GREEN, Rose. SELBY, Lola. Professors, University of Southern California School of Social Work.

Josephine DiPaola, Lola Selby, and Rose Green: A Conversation about the School of Social Work, USC. No interviewer: taped discussion. Date of interview: 7-24-77. 1 cassette (1 duplicate). Length of interview: 32 minutes. Transcript of interview: 9 pp. (2 copies of rough draft of transcript). CD containing interview and transcript.

Topics of "Conversation" 
Entrance into field of social work, including education at USC; early work experiences; reasons for coming to USC; reflections on social work program.

Additional Materials

  • In memoriam card for Josephine DiPaola.
  • 2 diskettes of transcript of interview.
  • Josephine DiPaola, "Helping Field Instructors Retool when a School Changes Its Approach to the Teaching of Methods." Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Council on Social Work Education, Cleveland, Ohio, January 1969.
  • Idem, "The Field Work Sequence in the Revised Curriculum in the School of Social Work of the University of Southern California." Paper presented at the Western Regional Conference, Public Health Concepts in Social Work Education, 28 June 1965.

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