Janice O’Donnell

An interview with Janice K. O'Donnell, as she discusses her social work career in education, and the development of an MSW program at CSU Chico.

Interviewed by Celeste Jones. Date of interview: 12-15-11. Length of interview: 36 minutes. DVD containing interview.

Interview Topics

(00:35)- Introduction. (01:05)- Motivation to become involved with field of social work. (04:20)- Climate in the field of social work during early involvement. (04:30)- Assassination of Kennedy, War on Poverty and influx of Funding. (06:00)- Vietnam War's effect on funding for social work. (07:05)- First social work job & field placement experience as graduate student in Detroit. (09:00)- Progress in field of social work & problem of homelessness. (09:40)- Need for MSW program in Northern California. (10:40)- Impact of economy on the program & Jim Kelly and Gary Best's impact on its start. (13:40)- Challenges faced in developing the MSW program. (15:25)- Benefits gained by creating the MSW program. (17:20)- Strategies used to accomplish goals in social work. (18:45)- Importance of teamwork. (19:20)- Development of partnerships in the USC School of Social Work. (22:20)- Lessons learned that would be helpful to others. (24:00)- Importance of thinking long-term. (25:40)- Issues that should be addressed today. (28:00)- Giving back to the community. (30:30)- Importance of delegation. (33:00)- Message to those entering or currently in the field . (34:15)- Giving thanks and appreciation. (35:20)- Closing