Janet Black

Interviewer: Beverly J. Buckles, DSW.  Date of interview: 10/15/16.  Length of interview: 37 minutes.

An interview with Janet Black, MSW as she discusses her experience with the Department of Veterans Affairs, organizing field education, and advice to other social workers.

Interview Topics:

(00:47)- Introduction and Overview of Career (02:41)- Initial interest in service and social work and pursuing it professionally (07:55)- Work experience with Veterans Affairs (10:43)- Success with interdisciplinary teams and professional development (12:58)- Experience as the Director of Field Education at Cal State Long Beach (13:35)- Building field placement positions and developing a consortium (16:24)- Advice for rising social workers (18:44)- Creating distance education programs (21:05)- Mentoring students and other education involvement; expanding Distance Education (24:39)- Situations that were challenges (26:37)- Issues facing social work and social work education today (29:00)- Suggestions for social workers handling challenges/frustrations (30:41)- How social work has had a personal impact (33:24)- Current and future plans for social work (35:37)- Concluding remarks – 4 C’s

Additional Materials: