Hans Cohn

Interviewed by Elizabeth McBroom. Date of interview: 11-7-90. Length of interview: 1 hour 16 minutes. 1 cassette (1 duplicate tape). Transcript of interview: 22 pp.

Interview Topics

Beginning his of career in social work; beginning of work at Rosemary Cottage; pioneer as man as director of girls' foster home; state of Rosemary Cottage; changes in program philosophy; change in psychiatric consultants; changes in program philosophy; present size of group home care; inadequacies of foster home care; infant care; professional mores of child foster care; role of social workers at Cottage; social policy issues; history of funding for Cottage; present funding; placement of foster children outside the state; state bills regarding foster care; funding and services; volunteers in foster care; use of medication for Cottage children; social workers vs. volunteers; conversation regarding personal matters; attitudes about institutional care

Additional Material

  • Brochure for Rosemary Cottage Retirement Dinner Dance in Honor of Hans Cohn (9-18-92).
  • "An Evening with Star Chefs" Menu.
  • Chronology of program development at Rosemary Cottage.

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