George Nickel

Social worker. Corporate director, Beneficial Corporation. Founder of California Social Welfare Archives.

Interviewed by Frances Lomas Feldman. Date of interview: 5-11-89. 2 cassette tapes (2 duplicate tapes). Length of interview: 2 hours and 16 minutes. Transcript of interview: 24 pp. CD containing interview and transcript.

Interview Topics

Entrance into social work; work experiences during college education; practice field work cases; director of Kern County Relief Administration during Depression; budget for federal relief program for Kern County; reaction in Kern County to federal relief; involvement with State Relief Administration and other organizations; California Conference of Social Work; work as director of Social Service for the SRA; beginning work with Beneficial Management Corporation; California model small loan law; development of consumer credit counseling; present state of consumer credit counseling; Marshall Field child placement program in World War II; child care for women workers during World War II (Lanham Act); child care in California after war's conclusion; return to Beneficial after war; association with Family Service of LA and National Board of Family Service; proposed merger of children's social welfare agencies; registration of social workers in California; work with state legislators on mental health; lobbying Roman Catholic leaders re child care; activities with National Association of Social Workers.

Additional Materials

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