Genevieve Carter

(1907-1998). Social worker, researcher.

Genevieve Carter Interview #1. Interviewed by John Milner.

Date of interview: 2-24-87.
1 cassette tape. Length of interview: 1 hour and 30 minutes. Transcript of interview: 28 pp. CD containing interview and transcript. Scroll down for link to "Transcript 1."

Interview Topics

Detention of Japanese; other taped interviews re Manzanar; reasons for involvement with Manzanar; other persons' involvement; maintenance of Japanese family unity; educational background; Manzanar camp philosophy; physical plant; food; camp social organization; riot; resolution of problems; medical and dental services; staff composition; general camp meetings; visit of "Happy" Chandler; relationship between Caucasian staff and the Japanese; outside community relations; children's programs; camp library; adult education, religion; recreation; emotions and feelings of staff and the Japanese; concluding remarks.

Download the transcript:
» Transcript 1

Genevieve Carter Interview #2. Interviewed by Maurice Hamovitch.

Date of interview: 2-25-87.
1 cassette tape (1 duplicate tape). Length of interview: 1 hour and 30 minutes. Transcript of interview: 27 pp. (4 copies of rough draft of transcript). Scroll down for link to "Transcript 2."

Interview Topics

Development of interest in social work; statistical research at Children's Bureau; work with Welfare Planning Council; Research Department of Welfare Planning Council; evaluation of Community Chest agencies; growing role of state agencies in public welfare; methods of research; general conclusions of social welfare research; director of research at Welfare Planning Council; census data; major studies; pioneering methodology and needs assessment studies; planning; interaction with other groups; persons and their background involved in Research Department; Social Work Research Group; Director of Welfare Planning Council; work with HEW in Washington; research on national level; social gerontology; changes in social welfare; work after retirement.

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» Transcript 2

Genevieve Carter Interview #3. Interviewed by Monika White; participant, Frances Lomas Feldman.

Date of interview: 9-24-94.
No cassette. Length of interview: 3 hours 4 minutes. Transcript of interview: 42 pp. (1 copy of 35 pp.). Scroll down for link to "Transcript 3."

Interview Topics

Impressions of Arlien Johnson; Lanham Act; post-war Japanese relocation; Welfare Planning Council; mental health; passage of Doyle-Short Act; changes because of Act; quality improvement; committees of Welfare Planning Council; types of research; case management; research on public welfare mothers and job placement; other research projects; publication re medicaid; work in Australia; social gerontology; work on case management; more on gerontology; Carter's book; HEW; Eskimo research; coordination and integration of public and private social welfare.

Download the transcript:
» Transcript 3

Additional Materials

  • California Social Work Hall of Distinction Biography
  • Personal biographical newsletter (2 copies)
  • Announcements of memorial tribute to celebrate life of Genevieve Carter.
  • Brief biographical outline.
  • 2 photographs of Genevieve Carter: 1 6 x 4 in. of G. Carter with Monika White and Frances Lomas Feldman (4-8-94).
  • Photocopies of Japanese-American relocation announcements and of maps of internment camps.
  • "Ansel Adams' Manzanar," Los Angeles Times (7 August 1999), Part VI: 1, 8.
  • Genevieve Carter, "The Service Side of the FAP Bill: What Does our Research Tell Us?." Paper presented at the Conference on Issues in Social Welfare Policy Curriculum, Center for Continuing Education, Chicago, Illinois, 29-30 November 1970.
  • Interview with Genevieve Carter re Helen Dean monograph. 9-24/25-94.
  • Rough draft of Helen Dean monograph.
  • 1 cassette tape from "Sound Portraits": Memories of Manzanar: Dr. Genevieve W. Carter's Own Words.
  • 1 diskette of transcript of Hamovitch interview.
  • 1 diskette of transcript of Feldman/White/Carter interview.
  • 1 diskette of transcript of Milner interview.
  • Los Angeles Times editorial (7-10-98): "Keeping Manzanar's Message."