Eva Schindler-Rainman

(d. 1996). Professional in social work training.

Interviewed by Charlotte Langley. Date of interview: 1-10-92. 2 cassette tape (2 duplicate tapes). Length of interview: 1 hour and 3 minutes. Transcript of interview: 31 pp. (2 copies rough draft of transcript). CD containing interview and transcript.

Interview Topics

Education and entrance into social work; early social work before professional training; influence of parents on her participation in social work; work with Family Service; work on MSW; work with mentally ill during studies; position with Girl Scouts; work at UCLA and development of programs; doctoral work at USC; work in field of "voluntarism"; work in New York City on "Metropolitan Critical Areas Project"; publications on voluntarism; founder of International Association for Volunteer Education; direction of voluntarism; funding for volunteer programs; opinion on merging of "Points of Light" with National Volunteer Action Program"; connection between social work and volunteer work; main developments in social work; views on diversity; role of volunteers; need for volunteers in schools of social work; other areas where volunteers needed; lesson of voluntarism; contributions of volunteers.

Additional Materials

  • Photocopies of articles by Eva Schindler-Rainman.
  • Bibliography of works of Dr. Eva Schindler-Rainman (2 copies); other bibliographical information re Eva Schindler-Rainman.
  • 1 diskette of transcript of interview.
  • 1 5 x 7 in. photograph of Eva Schindler-Rainman.
  • Handwritten notes re interview and length (by Charlotte Langley).
  • Resume.

Download the transcript: 
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