Dorothy Gantvoort

Board member of Rosemary Cottage and Planned Parenthood.

Interviewed by Elizabeth McBroom. Date of interview: 7-21-93. 1 cassette tape (1 duplicate tape). Length of interview: 42 minutes. Transcript of interview: 19 pp. CD containing interview and transcript.

Interview Topics

Recollections of Rosemary Cottage and Planned Parenthood.

Additional Materials

  • Observations typed by Dorothy Gantvoort herself re Rosemary Cottage.
  • Subjects discussed at Planned Parenthood Board of Directors retreat. Prepared by Dorothy Gantvoort.
  • Additional facts, gathered by Dorothy Gantvoort, re Rosemary Cottage.
  • Review of past accomplishments of Planned Parenthood drawn up by Public Relations Committee of Planned Parenthood.

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