Doreen Der-McLeod

Model-establishing leader in elder health care center program management.

An interview with Doreen Der-McLeod as she discusses her impact on San Francisco’s Chinatown and experience as a bridge for Chinese-American youth and families. 

Length of interview: 36 minutes  Interviewer: Rev. Harry Chuck  Date of interview: 11/17/2017

Interview topics: 

(00:30) Introduction and overview of career. (02:18) Influence of Cameron House on career choice. (02:56) Social climate when entering the field of social work. (04:43) Evolution of career in youth work. (06:13) Involvement in San Francisco’s Chinatown. (10:10) Strategies used to achieve goals of improving parks and recreation in Chinatown. (12:42) Realization of ability to create change. (15:44) Obstacles and successes while advocating for parks and recreation. (17:40) Sources of career satisfaction. (19:46) Changes in social and political climate throughout career (1960s-present). (22:58) Current social issues to address - immigration and Democracy. (27:05) Advice for incoming social workers - working for change. (29:46) Comparative experience in rural areas of Appalachia. (34:52) Finding her own path: Impact of circumstance and divine intervention.

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