Dolores Rodriguez

An interview with Dolores Rodriguez, MSW, as she discusses her development as a Latina social worker (1957-present), the first ever Chicano/Latino Adoptions Unit in Los Angeles County, pivotal programs she was involved with, and opportunities for practice in the field.

California Social Work Hall of Distinction Biography

Interviewed by Carlos Sosa. Date of interview: 6-30-10. Length of interview: 1 hour and 7 minutes. DVD containing interview.

Interview Topics

(01:20)- Initial Professional Training. (04:15)- Latino children and child welfare. (07:55)- Los Angeles and the adoptions arena. (11:12)- Los Angeles County and the first Chicano/Latino Adoptions Unit. (18:45)- Wednesday's Child. (19:40)- Chicano/Latino Unit program supporters. (21:10)- Chicano/Latino Unit recruitment. (24:30)- Worker's perceptions of adoptive families. (27:45)- Internal opposition to the Chicano/Latino specialized unit. (30:50)- Initial community response to Chicano/Latino adoptions program. (34:35)- Family life and role models. (40:30)- Difference between education and social work in confronting social issues. (43:12)- Post retirement and most memorable parts of career. (55:30)- Impact of merger between Department of Adoptions and DCFS. (1:02:00)- Regrets?