Chauncey Alexander

(1916-2005). Professor of Social Work. Director of social welfare organizations. Social worker.

Interviewed by Frances Lomas Feldman. Dates of interview: 9-27-90; 11-15-91; 6-24-93. 3 cassette tapes (3 duplicate tapes). Length of interview: approximately 3.5 hours. Transcript of 9-27-90 interview: 27 pp. Transcript of 11-15-91 and 6-24-93 interviews: 30 pp. CD containing interview.

Interview Topics

9-27-90 interview: Entrance into field of social work; World War II service with Army psychiatric reconditioning unit; post-war work with Veteran's Service Center; work with various southern California social welfare groups. 
11-15-91 interview: Alexander's childhood; influence of times on social work and his view of it; work at Regional Health Program at UCLA. 
6-24-93 interview: Work with National Association of Social Workers; current pursuits.

Additional Materials

  • California Social Work Hall of Distinction Biography
  • Curriculum Vitae.
  • Editorial by Chauncey Alexander in LA Times, Orange County Edition (22 August 1993. B9): "Commentary on Health Care. The County Can't Afford Not To Provide Preventive Services."
  • Invitations and registration form for National Network of Social Work Managers, Inc., tribute luncheon for Chauncey A. Alexander.
  • National Association of Social Workers' press release re Chauncey Alexander's election as president of the International Federation of Social Workers.
  • Chauncey Alexander, "Recollections of Patton State Hospital." Unpublished paper. 7 pp.
  • 1 diskette of transcript of interviews.

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