Bill Coggins, LCSW

Bill Coggins, LCSW
Psychiatric social worker and founder of Kaiser Permanente Watts Counseling and Learning Center.

Interview Summary
Interviewer:  Joseph A. Nunn, PhD
Date: 10/10/2018
An interview with 2018 Hall of Distinction inductee Bill Coggins, LCSW as he discusses his involvement in innovative social work programs in the Watts community, impact on the field of psychiatric social work, and founding Kaiser Permanente Watts Counseling and Learning Center. Length of interview: 1 hour 41 minutes.

Interview Topics:
00:24 - Introduction and overview of career. 01:30 -Youth and early inspiration to become a social worker. 10:21 - Education and military experience. 22:21 - Early experiences in social work. 31:14 - Annual Learning and Leadership Conference at Leicester University. 34:57 - Experiences in England. 37:37 - The founding of Kaiser Permanente Watts Counseling and Learning Center. 40:56 - Los Angeles in the 60s. 45:05 -Working in Watts in the midst of a rebellion. 54:46 - Developing the facility. 1:02:44 - Development and availability of programs at the Kaiser Watts Counseling and Learning Center. 1:12:31 - Honoring success. 1:14:41- Sweet Alice. 1:18:28 - Translation of social work skills. 1:23:38 - Being a role model. 1:29:37 - The Kaiser float in the 2018 Rose Parade. 1:31:54 - The value of moving from micro to macro. 1:32:53 - Theories to benefit social workers and advice to new social workers. 1:36:41 - Call to survey “evolved MSW jobs” to impact social work training. 1:38:12 - Experiences with Anna Freud and Scottish psychiatrist R.D. Laing.

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