Akira, Reverend Kuroda

(1914-1989). Pastor. Social worker.

Interviewed by Ed Hummel. Date of interview: 11-7-95. 1 cassette tape (2 duplicate tapes). Length of interview: 1 hour and 20 minutes. 2 copies of transcript of interview: 16 pp. CD containing interview and transcript.

Interview Topics

Early religious experiences; formative years; loss of father; entrance into ministry; move to California; study at Wheaton College; starting a church in Chicago; aspects of his ministry in the OMS Holiness Church of North America, eg, social services for Japanese-Americans' relocation after World War II; experiences in concentration camps for Japanese in World War II; social adjustments of Japanese-Americans and their churches after war. 

Additional Materials

  • 1 4 x 6 in. color photograph of Reverend Akira Kuroda.
  • Interview questionnaire form.
  • Letter dated 29 September 1995 from Ed Hummel to Reverend Akira Kuroda re interview.
  • Memo from Ed Hummel re interview.
  • A History of the OMS Holiness Church of North America. 1993.

Download the transcript: 
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