Bioinformatics Consultation

Consultation is available to individuals, lab groups and departmental units to address bioinformatics-related research questions and needs.  Schedule an appointment by completing the consultation request form.

Consultation Format

  • In-person or Zoom meeting
  • Email or phone
  • Special lectures
  • Support letters for grant applications
  • Collaborative data analysis for complex high-throughput data analysis projects

Sample Consultation Topics

  • Analysis of microarray and next-generation sequencing (NGS) data
  • Functional interpretation of microarray & NGS results
  • Sophisticated information search (literature and public data mining) for genes, drugs and diseases
  • Identification and application of appropriate software tools or databases for research projects
  • Development of hypothesis and refinement of research questions with in silico study of existing public genomic data and literature
  • Hands-on tutorials for USC-licensed bioinformatics software tools with user data
  • Pathway, network and transcription regulation analysis