PC Magazine Features USC Libraries' Wikipedia Edit-a-thon for Diversity and Inclusion

A recent interview in PC Magazine with Elizabeth Galoozis, head of information literacy for the USC Libraries, featured the libraries' Jan. 15 Wikipedia Edit-a-thon for Diversity and Inclusion.

In the interview, Galoozis, who was among the event's organizers, discussed how the event fit within the libraries' ongoing efforts to teach students how to evaluate research sources. "Part of academic librarians' job is to help students learn how to look at any kind of information critically," she said, "because most of them are not going on to academia and access to subscription peer-reviewed journals."

Galoozis also discussed the goals of the event, held in conjunction with USC's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Week:

I would say there are two main purposes today: (1) Make a small dent in the underrepresentation of people and cultures on Wikipedia that are not white American men and (2) for students to see themselves as contributors to an ongoing conversation. There's something very visible and tangible about instantly publishing your research that other people will look at for information.