Library Resources for Further Research on the Trump/Biden Town Halls

Political Science & Public Policy

Many topics emerged during yesterday’s separate Trump and Biden town halls. The USC Libraries offer a wealth of online resources, such as articles from popular and scholarly journals and newspapers, e-books, reports, data and statistics, to help you research these topics. Subject areas and related library resources are listed below. Also be sure to check out our 2020 election guide for news sources as well as local and national voting and election information.

The Supreme Court 

Research Guide: Political Science - Judicial Branch Resources 


The Economy

Research Guide: Political Science - Economic Policy Research Resources 

Government Resource: Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED) - St. Louis Fed



Research Guide: Education



Research Guide: Resources for Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Government Resources:


Thumbnail image: A sample ballot from the 1920 presidential election, courtesy of the Library of Congress.