Doheny Library a "Jaw-Dropper of a Location"

The architectural splendor of Doheny Library appears as the backdrop for a photo spread featuring the creations of L.A. fashion designers in the September issue of Los Angeles magazine. In her blog entry about the photo shoot, style director Laurie Pike writes, "We shot the editorial in the Doheny Memorial Library on the USC campus. Besides being a jaw-dropper of a location, the library allowed me to do with a backdrop what I try to achieve with the clothing: expose an underappreciated gem of Los Angeles." The USC Libraries and Los Angeles magazine celebrated the publication of the fashion issue with an evening party at the Nazarian Courtyard in Doheny Library on Tuesday, August 26.


Above: An image of Doheny taken during the shoot for "Clothbound," the September photo spread in Los Angeles magazine.