La Theorie et la pratique du jardinage

Author: Dezallier d'Argenville, Antoine Joseph, 1680-1765 Publication Year: 1760 Publication Location: A Paris: Chez Charles-Antoine Jombert
Full Title:

La theorie et la pratique du jaridnage, ou l'on traite a fond des beaux jardins apppelles communement les jardins de proprete: avec les pratiques de geometrie necessaires pour tracer fur le terrein toutes fortes de figures et un traite d'hidraulique convenable aux jardins


Antoine Joseph Dezallier d'Argenville was a connoisseur of gardening who designed two gardens for himself and his family before writing his "Theory and Practice of Gardening" (published anonymously in 1709), which he based on his own experience and reading. Unlike earlier books on French gardening, Dezallier's book is laid out like a treatise on architecture, and addressed equally to architects and gardeners.

Conservation Needs:

Covers are detaching from spine; spine needs repair and rebacking. Paper throughout needs light cleaning. Requires a custom box for long term preservation.