Chronographia in duos libros distincta

Author: Genebrard, Gilbert, 1537-1597 Publication Year: 1567 Publication Location: Paris: Apud M. Iuuenem, ad insigne Serpentis, via S. Ioannis Lateranensis
Full Title:

Chronographia in duos libros distincta : prior est de rebus veteris populi: posterior recentes praesertimq[ue], ecclesiasticas co[m]plectitur.historias


A universal chronology summarizing the events from Christ to 1566, including descriptions of Columbus, Magellan, Vespucci and the discovery of America, and the Reformation. Genebrand was a French Benedictine theological writer and professor of Hebrew and Scripture at the Royal College in Paris; among his students was St. Francis de Sales.

Conservation Needs:

Box and conservation: Paper requires cleaning. Requires a custom box for long term preservation and to protect the vellum covers.