The Repository has a deeply experienced team that draws upon the extensive resources of USC, particularly USC Libraries, the USC Shoah Foundation – The Institute for Visual History and Education and the USC Information Technology Services group.

Experience that goes broad and deep
The Repository Team draws upon the extensive resources of USC, particularly USC Libraries, the USC Digital Library, the USC Shoah Foundation and the USC Information Technology Services group.

Our expertise includes

  • Large-scale digitization
  • Information technology and security
  • Imaging services
  • Physical preservation
  • Metadata
  • Mass-conversion media preservation 
  • Cataloging systems
  • Design and deployment of software infrastructures
  • Flexible storage options

Sam Gustman, Executive Director, USC Digital Repository

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Sam has nearly two decades of leadership experience in information technology, which includes his role as chief technology officer for the USC Shoah Foundation, and serving as the primary investigator on various National Science Foundation research projects with cumulative funding of more than $8 million.

Sam is responsible for, among other things, the operations, preservation and cataloging of the USC Shoah Foundation 8-petabyte digital library, one of the largest public video databases in the world.  Sam also serves as associate dean at the USC Libraries, where he holds a faculty appointment and is in charge of information technology.

Linda Truong, Operations Manager, USC Digital Repository

[[{"type":"media","view_mode":"media_large","fid":"44","attributes":{"class":"media-image alignleft size-full wp-image-360","typeof":"foaf:Image","style":"","width":"80","height":"95","title":"linda_truong","alt":""}}]]Linda manages the business functions of the Digital Repository, which includes budget management, reporting and the development of strategic partnerships. Linda has more than a decade of operations and program management experience, which includes USC Library IT, where she also serves as operations manager.

She held positions with the U.S.-China Institute at USC, and UCLA’s Asia Institute, where her responsibilities included everything from marketing and program development to grant writing, publications management and coordinating study abroad programs in East Asia and Shanghai.

Technology Staff
Ryan Fenton-Strauss, Video Archive and Post-Production Manager, USC Shoah Foundation

Ryan has more than a decade of experience in post production at the Shoah Foundation. He has overseen a mass digitization project to preserve the 235,000 tapes that comprise the Shoah Foundation's archive, as well as the mass digitization of the the first digital access copy of the archive.

Ryan manages a team comprised of video production and post production experts, as well as dozens of students each semester. He has project managed the development of dozens of software development projects and designed and implement new workflows. Ryan has overseen a restoration project to correct testimonies that were recorded with technical problems. He has pioneered a technique of separating out fields of video with artifacts in order to restore severely damaged recordings.

Matt Gainer, Director, USC Digital Library

Matt is an expert on digital libraries and large-scale digitization projects. He has led digitization efforts for the USC Libraries for more than a decade, and now serves as director of the USC Digital Library — an essential resource with particular strengths related to Los Angeles and the American West.

Along with overseeing the development of the USC Digital Library, Matt is an adjunct associate professor at the USC Sol Price School of Public Policy, and a research associate at the USC Center for Religion & Civic Culture.

Toan Nguyen, Senior Systems Administrator at USC Shoah Foundation

Toan directs the architecting and managing of the Foundation’s multi-petabyte archives. He is responsible for the design and deployment of the software infrastructure that handles the preservation of media and conversion to archival quality digital formats. He also handles the design, configuration and management of the access tools developed for the USC Shoah Foundation archive and used by institutes around the world.

Additional Staffing
The Repository also draws upon a large team of full-time engineering staff and engineering interns who work to develop improved techniques for preserving and providing access to digital content.

When needed, we can recruit, train and manage teams of students for individualized archive projects ranging from high-volume cataloguing to software development.