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Jan 3
Feb 29

The Art of Reading

Special Collections
Add to Calendar 2024-01-03 01:48:16 2024-05-10 01:48:16 Sixty Years of South Korean Science Fiction: Selections from the USC Korean Heritage Library’s Science Fiction and Fantasy Collection East Asian Library America/Los_Angeles public
Add to Calendar 2024-01-03 20:42:35 2024-09-30 20:42:35 Visualizing Medicine: Humanizing Healthcare through Medical Illustration, Web Comics, and Graphic Novels Art - in all its permutations - creates space for self-expression, emotional release, and a way of processing our thoughts, dreams, frustrations, and grief. In medicine, the visual becomes a method with the potential not only to teach or define but also to exclude or ignore many bodies. Ghanaian-American physician-artist Shirlene Obuobi, MD, and cartoonist-author Alison Bechdel disrupt outdated narratives within healthcare and popular culture that shape individual and social conceptions of healthy bodies. Their representations can humanize the experiences of others, particularly when the clinical gaze can create an artificial divide between patients and healthcare professionals, disenfranchising individuals and communities. Norris Medical Library America/Los_Angeles public
Jan 19
Mar 1
Add to Calendar 2024-01-19 23:34:25 2024-03-01 23:34:25 Black History Month America/Los_Angeles public
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Feb 26

Get to Know ERIC

Time:  4pm
Online Event
Add to Calendar 2024-02-26 16:00:00 2024-02-24 17:00:00 Get to Know ERIC 04:00 pm 05:00 pm America/Los_Angeles public
Mar 21

Intro to AI Art Generation

Time:  5pm
Ahmanson Lab | Leavey Library, 3rd floor (LVL 301)
Add to Calendar 2024-03-21 17:00:00 2024-03-21 18:00:00 Intro to AI Art Generation A beginner-friendly intro to AI art tools including Midjourney, stable diffusion, and Dalle. We’ll demystify parameters and prompt engineering so that even experienced users could learn a thing or two. 05:00 pm 06:00 pm America/Los_Angeles public
Apr 18

Intro to Circuitry

Time:  5pm
Ahmanson Lab | Leavey Library, 3rd floor (LVL 301)
Add to Calendar 2024-04-18 17:00:00 2024-04-18 18:00:00 Intro to Circuitry A beginner-friendly introduction to circuitry using breadboards and microcontrollers. Learn the foundations of electronics in a safe, but playful session. 05:00 pm 06:00 pm America/Los_Angeles public
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